1.     The first step is to obtain your blood results from your doctor or request your medical record.  Once you have these results available, you will be able to use the site.


2.     Click on the Book My Review button.  This button will bring you to the first part of check out.


3.     The next step is to choose the state you live in.  If you live in Massachusetts for example, you would click on the button labeled MA.  If you live in New Hampshire, click on the button labeled NH.


4.     Fill out all of the fields, especially the field that lists the part of your blood work you are especially concerned about.


5.     Attach a file of your blood work.  This is similar to attaching an e-mail file.  You can save your blood work as a word document, as a jpeg by taking a picture of it, as a PDF or other form of attachment.  If we have any problems opening it, we will refund you and contact you to let you know that there was a problem.  If you are unable to attach a file/attachment, please write in the blood work you are concerned about in the text box provided and tell us why you are concerned (your value was high or low etc.).  


6.     Once you have filled out all of the required information, click the SUBMIT button.  You will then be directed to the payment screen.  Fill out all relevant information and SUBMIT. You will receive an e-mail confirming your purchase.


7.     Your blood work has now been uploaded to our secure server.  An emergency physician will now review your blood work in the next 48 hours and send you an e-mail with a clear explanation of your results.  This information will include what the abnormal values you had mean, the causes of the value you have and how we think about abnormal values as emergency doctors.  We will also provide you in most cases with what tests you should discuss with your doctor.


8.     Please note, if your lab values are CRITICAL or contain results which are too complex to interpret with this online service, we will inform you of these CRITICAL or complex values and WE WILL ALSO REFUND YOUR MONEY.  In addition to being informative, we would like to serve as a public safety net for your lab results.  In these cases where your value is CRITICAL, WE WILL NOT CHARGE YOU, but would prefer that you receive the proper medical attention required in a timely fashion.