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There is no established doctor patient relationship by using this sight. This means that we are providing you with information only and you understand that you should not rely on Review My Results for diagnosis, medical treatment or medical care. Your care should be managed by your physician that ordered your blood test. We do not order tests, diagnose or treat you in anyway. We only provide information.


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I certify that all the information I have uploaded is accurate and has not been altered in any way. Review My Results will provide responses based on the information provided. Review My Results assumes that this was transmitted without change to the data in any manner. If the data provided to us is not accurate, the information we provide, based on those data, may not be accurate. Review My Results is not responsible for information it provides that is based on inaccurate data.


Medical Information:


I understand that Review My Results strives to maintain confidentiality at all times and that its physicians follow HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) guidelines as would any physician in practice.  I authorize Review My Results and its contractors (other physicians) to access, research, and review my results. I understand that Review My Results utilizes technology to protect and secure results uploaded to the site, but that any information uploaded on the internet is never 100% secure.  


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Any violations of this agreement shall provide Review My Results with the right to terminate services to me.


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