A doctor will review the results of your blood work for $19.99 and send an e-mail to you with a clear explanation of your results within 48 hours or sooner. 


Medical results are now available online or directly mailed to patients without being fully explained. We often hear, "The doctor told me everything was fine, but when I received my results, there were abnormal values." Review My Results was formed by emergency physicians after realizing a need for explaining patient's results in clear, simple language and alleviating their fears.


We, as a medical profession, do a poor job at explaining complex results in a way that our patients can fully understand. Our mission at Review My Results is to be responsive to your concerns in a timely fashion while simultaneously providing information that leaves you informed. Your results will be reviewed by an emergency room doctor.  Our goal is to make more informed and empowered patients, while at the same time providing peace of mind. 

Founded By Dr. Paul Calner MD, FACEP


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